Do you  need research tailored to your organization and its goals rather than standardized tables and reports that anyone can generate off of the web? Carolina Demography provides you with the insight and knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

Carolina Demography obtains the right data for your needs and translates those data into specific, usable information and knowledge of demographic change to inform decision making, planning, and program evaluation throughout North Carolina.

World-Class Research Services & Support

Carolina Demography is a service of the Carolina Population Center (CPC) at UNC-Chapel Hill. The CPC is a globally recognized leader in population studies with nearly five decades of experience in demographic and population research. With over 60 faculty fellows drawn from 15 academic disciplines, over 50 pre-doctoral and post-doctoral scholars, and more than 100 highly skilled research and support staff, CPC is rich in expertise. Carolina Demography draws on this expertise to provide a comprehensive research service that meets the needs of businesses, foundations, government agencies, schools, not-for-profit organizations, and many more who need to better understand their communities and environments.

Insight & Understanding

Carolina Demography offers a wide range of services, including custom population estimates and projections at the state, regional, or local level; mapping and spatial analysis; and workshops and training.

Whether you have data and need analytical assistance, have a question and need help wading through the data available to you, or need to conceptualize a research topic from start to finish, we can help. We offer comprehensive research and analysis related to population change.

Our products can be presented in a number of formats, including databases, reports, presentations, and interactive data visualizations. Regardless of the format, Carolina Demography provides actionable, easy-to-understand demographic analysis tailored to your specific needs.

Comprehensive Research Services

Research Design | Data Collection | Data Analysis | Maps & Spatial Analysis | Policy Analysis

How We Work

Each client and each project is unique. We start by listening to your needs and engaging in a conversation to fully understand the goals of your project. Next, we outline deliverables and develop a work plan, cost estimate, and timeline. Once there is agreement, the work proceeds.

Contact us today at or (919) 962-6148 for a free initial consultation.