NC Housing Units, 1940-2050

Charlotte_NW_Google_Earth_2005Housing unit growth mirrors population growth and provides a sense of the footprint that people have on the landscape. Changes in housing highlight needs and challenges that are essential for planners and policy makers to understand, such as infrastructure demands and environmental impacts of population growth.

Using 2010 Census and 2007-2011 American Community Survey data, Carolina Demography calculated historic estimates of housing units in North Carolina going back to 1940 and projections through 2050. These estimates and projections are at the smallest geographic area available–the Census block groups–and were produced each decade from 1940 through 2050 for all 6,155 block groups in the state. The data can be used to explore historic development patterns as well as potential patterns of future growth.

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For questions regarding the housing unit historic estimates and projections, contact Rebecca Tippett at or (919) 962-6151.

Photo Source: Google, DigitalGlobe