Non-NC Native Population by County

One hundred years ago, when North Carolina had a population of about 2.5 million people, more than nine out of 10 residents were native Tar Heels. Today’s North Carolina, in contrast, approaches a population of 10 million, with more than 4 million residents born in another state or country.

– Ferrel Guillory and Jessica Kennedy, “Voters born elsewhere make up nearly half of N.C. electorate,” NC DataNet

While 42% of North Carolina residents were born outside of the state, this proportion varies dramatically across the state’s 100 counties.

In 17 counties, more than half of the residents were born outside of North Carolina. The county with the highest share is Currituck: 74% of all Currituck residents were born in another state or country; its proximity to the Virginia Beach metropolitan area is a likely factor in this high share.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are 23 counties where fewer than 25% of residents were born outside of the state. At 14% non-native born and 86% NC natives, Bertie County has the lowest share of residents born outside of North Carolina.

Non Native NC Population by County

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